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HubSpot Integration

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Shared by Zeynep • February 07, 2024

New integration alert: UserMotion x HubSpot 🚨 Transform your CRM with predictive insights!

UserMotion now integrates with HubSpot, enabling your sales and marketing teams to identify high-potential accounts, predict customer behavior, and streamline engagement strategies—all with the help of our advanced features:

  • Predictive Account and Lead Scoring: Automatically sync and analyze your HubSpot contact and company data. Our AI-powered algorithm scores accounts based on engagement, intent signals, and other critical metrics directly within your HubSpot dashboard.
  • Automated ICP Identification: Effortlessly evaluates each prospect in your HubSpot CRM against your defined ICP criteria, including industry, company size, engagement level, and other custom parameters, ensuring you focus on the leads most likely to convert.

Get started free by following our easy setup guide: HubSpot Integration Guide