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Export Your Leads

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Shared by Zeynep • April 05, 2024

Here to share a simple but important improvement! You now have the capability to export your lead lists that are qualified based on customer-fit and intent.

Whether for email campaigns or sales funnels, you can have your leads scored and qualified by UserMotion everywhere.

  1. Go to the segment you wish to download.
  2. Simply click 'Export to CSV'.
  3. Your CSV file is ready for action!
New feature

UserMotion + Close

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Shared by Zeynep • February 27, 2024

Good news! Now with UserMotion + Close, send your unqualified lead and customers to UserMotion to be qualified based on their intent level and customer fit score.

Integrating UserMotion with Close enables easier lead prioritization, increases sales efficiency and optimizes marketing strategies by qualifying leads based on intent and customer fit.

How to connect?

1. Log in to UserMotion at app.usermotion.com

2. Go to Settings and then to Integrations

3. Click on "Connect" Close

4. You will be redirected to an OAuth page to allow permissions. After granting permissions, you will be redirected back to UserMotion

5. UserMotion will then start importing data from Close

If you have any questions or need help, leave a message!


Customizable Lead, User and Customer Lists

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Shared by Zeynep • February 19, 2024

Most of you've been asking for it, and now you can have control over how you view and filter your leads, users and customers lists!

With this improvement, you can:

  • Select the traits: Choose exactly which data points you want to appear on your tables.
  • Drag & Drop: Organize your columns with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Hide column: Keep your table clean by hiding columns that are not currently needed.
  • Pin columns: Ensure important columns stay in view by pinning them to the forefront.
  • Sort & Unsort: Sort or unsort columns to make sense of your data quickly and effectively.

Have the most effective view of your lists based on your needs!

New feature

Audiences for Custom Segmentation

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Shared by Zeynep • February 12, 2024

Introducing Audiences in UserMotion, allowing you to easily segment your customers or leads based on their scores, traits and signals!

It’s here to help you make segment of users for different reasons like churn risks, expansion opportunities, or other custom purposes.

Once someone fits into your segment, you'll get notified immediately. This means you act fast on your opportunities or risks.

So, essentially, it gives power to:

  • Segment Smarter: Break down your customer base into groups for targeted management.
  • Engage Effectively: Send custom messages and offers to each group for better relevance.
  • Track Transitions: Get notified when customers move between groups to engage them at the right time.

Need more help? Check our Audiences article or simply comment on this!

New feature

HubSpot Integration

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Shared by Zeynep • February 07, 2024

New integration alert: UserMotion x HubSpot 🚨 Transform your CRM with predictive insights!

UserMotion now integrates with HubSpot, enabling your sales and marketing teams to identify high-potential accounts, predict customer behavior, and streamline engagement strategies—all with the help of our advanced features:

  • Predictive Account and Lead Scoring: Automatically sync and analyze your HubSpot contact and company data. Our AI-powered algorithm scores accounts based on engagement, intent signals, and other critical metrics directly within your HubSpot dashboard.
  • Automated ICP Identification: Effortlessly evaluates each prospect in your HubSpot CRM against your defined ICP criteria, including industry, company size, engagement level, and other custom parameters, ensuring you focus on the leads most likely to convert.

Get started free by following our easy setup guide: HubSpot Integration Guide

New feature

Integrate UserMotion and Outreach to Send High-Potential Leads into Your Outreach Sequence

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Shared by Zeynep • January 25, 2024

This week's hot: UserMotion can be now integrated with Outreach 🔥

You can easily send leads that score high on buying intent and ICP-fit directly from UserMotion into your Outreach sequences.

This means your outreach campaigns in Outreach will be supercharged with leads that have the highest potential, ensuring your team focuses on the most promising opportunities.

Just follow our easy guide 👉 Outreach Integration

Feature update

UserMotion Score Cards in Intercom Now!

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Shared by Zeynep • January 20, 2024

Good news - UserMotion score cards are now directly available within Intercom! 🪪

You can now check how likely leads are to buy, how well they match your ideal customer profile, and their segment, without ever having to leave Intercom.

How to Access UserMotion Score Cards in Intercom?

  1. Navigate to any conversation in Intercom.
  2. On the right sidebar, click Edit Apps and add UserMotion.
  3. Here you can see all the UserMotion insights directly within the Intercom platform.

That's it! Manage leads better, right where you chat with them.

New feature

UserMotion and Stripe Integration

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Shared by Zeynep • January 10, 2024

Hello Stripe 💜 UserMotion can be now integrated with Stripe!

By connecting Stripe, you can receive payment data of your customers in UserMotion to get a deeper understanding of what drives your revenue and increases customer lifetime value.

Refine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), target the most valuable leads more effectively and identify churn risks by analyzing payment behaviors and product interactions together.

You can set up the Stripe integration by following our simple guide 👉 Stripe Integration Guide

New feature

UserMotion and Intercom Integration

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Shared by Zeynep • December 12, 2023

Hello, UserMotion x Intercom 👋 It's official: your Intercom database but with ICP-fit and buying intent scores!

UserMotion now easily integrates with Intercom and instantly prioritizes your leads based on their ICP-fit and buying intent signals using predictive insights and action cards.

You can set up the Intercom integration by following our simple guide 👉 Intercom Integration Guide

Connect your Intercom to UserMotion now and start identifying your high-potential leads 💸 right away!

Private Beta Access

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Shared by Amirali • August 06, 2023

We're excited to announce the launch of UserMotion's private beta! UserMotion, our next-generation sales intelligence platform, empowers B2B SaaS sales teams with AI-powered insights to identify promising accounts, reduce churn, and increase sales efficiency. As a private beta tester, your feedback will play a pivotal role in shaping our tool to better serve the global sales community. To join us in this revolution of sales intelligence and maximize your revenue growth, register your interest at https://usermotion.com/request-access. Let's shape the future of sales together.